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About Us

Shanghai Haiyao Aquarium Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Haiyao Aquarium Engineering Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Haiyao Aquarium Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) is a professional company engaged in the design, production, on-site construction and post-maintenance of aquarium. It provides marine theme restaurant design, acrylic swimming pool and acrylic aquarium. Large acrylic plates, acrylic fish tanks, cylindrical fish tanks, large fish tanks, shaped fish tanks, large aquariums, acrylic tunnels, aquarium design, aquarium engineering, and acrylic engineering services. The company adopts the casting production process and the seamless splicing method of bulk polymerization, which can ensure the solid bonding of the fish tank, overall transparency, beautiful appearance and high transparency! And according to customer requirements, professional custom design and installation


Contact information: National free service hotline: 400-066-3800 Tel: 021-322118108 Fax:021-33250766 Mobile: 18616263686 (Mr. Huang) E-mail: Company Address: Room 158, Building 13, No. 2, Songmi Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai

  • Aquarium project

    Factory customization

    Exquisite production technology, combined with customer requirements to create high-quality acrylic products

  • Acrylic tunnel engineering

    Installation and commissioning

    One-stop service, set up a professional team, one-on-one operation training to ensure customer standard use

  • Large aquarium project


    Combine the characteristics of the scene to create a unique and unique aquarium shape for you

  • Infinity pool project

    Lightning after sales

    Lifelong tracking service, 24-hour customer service online consultation, at any time to solve problems, marine breeding training

——    service items    ——


  • Marine theme restaurant design
  • Acrylic shaped fish tank
  • Swimming pool construction
  • Haiyao Undersea Tunnel

—— Certifications ——


—— Certifications ——


—— Aquarium fish tank Landscaping ——

Aquarium fish tank landscaping

—— Our advantage ——

Our advantage

High quality sheet, focus on 20 years

More than 20 years of acrylic thick plate (thickness is a one-time monolithic cast large plate) advanced production technology, with superb technical advantages.

Construction case, all over the country

Rectangular, cylindrical, conical and various shaped fish tanks or straight, curved and S-shaped infinity swimming pools and suspended transparent swimming pools and aquariums can be made according to customer requirements.

Professional team, worry-free protection

It has a professional team consisting of professional design, installation and construction, biological breeding and post-maintenance engineers, with advanced on-site management and construction experience.

Marine breeding training

The aquarium landscape project provides a full range of supporting services, providing swimming pool, aquarium use training, and water treatment debugging to ensure the healthy growth of marine life.

Reputation first, excellence

The basic test is to provide the best service for the owners; to create a green construction environment and to aim at high-quality projects; to win the trust of the owners with strict and pragmatic work style, and to have good reputation for many years.

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