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Shanghai Haiyao Aquarium Engineering Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Haiyao Aquarium Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) is a professional company engaged in the design, production, on-site construction and post-maintenance of aquariums. It specializes in aquarium engineering and aquarium viewing. The industry, high-end hotel industry, marine entertainment industry customers provide acrylic aquarium sheet, ornamental fish tank, acrylic tunnel, aquarium landscape engineering design and construction of the overall solution of the professional aquarium engineering company; the company uses casting production process, bulk polymerization seamless stitching Therefore, it can ensure that the fish tank is firmly bonded, the whole is transparent, the shape is beautiful, and the transparency is high! According to the requirements of customers, we have specialized in designing and installing various large fish tanks, borderless swimming pools and aquariums. We have participated in the design and tour of the GM Cadillac "automobile fish tank".

The company started in 1990. After more than 20 years of development, we have established Shanghai Haiyao Aquarium Engineering Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Haiyao Aquarium Equipment Co., Ltd., and now have a group of innovative planning team and rigorous construction and installation team. As well as perfect after-sales service, it is one of the professional companies with aquarium landscape engineering as the main body in China, and has been successfully leading the country in this industry. To meet the needs of business development and more specialized markets We have set up branches or offices in Guangzhou, Beijing and Wuhan to provide quality products and services to more customers. With a brand-new concept, exquisite workmanship and first-class service, the company enjoys a good reputation among customers all over the country. The company mainly undertakes the design, production and installation of ornamental fish tanks for marine tourism landscape, KTV, hotel tourism and public entertainment venues. The company continuously absorbs and learns the design and construction techniques of advanced aquarium at home and abroad, and has accumulated many domestic and foreign The experience of successful cases. The company has its own acrylic production and processing base, processing equipment, production technology has reached the leading level at home and abroad, which can ensure competitive advantages of excellent quality and low price. The product specifications are complete, and it can produce super large and super thick thickness of 20mm~500mm. Acrylic sheet for a variety of large aquariums and other places. With superb technology and good service, the service targets include: aquarium, commercial complex; waterscape interactive diving acrylic performance cylinder for leisure baths and entertainment venues; exhibition hall display fish tank, swimming pool acrylic swimming pool; large KTV, shopping center, high-end hotel , the hotel's large ornamental fish tank; large-scale clubs, large-scale ecological fish tanks for private villas; acrylic display wall engineering, aquarium landscape engineering and other fields. Welcome new inquiries, sincerely look forward to working with you to create a win-win situation and share the beautiful future of the aqua landscape industry!