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How should the design of the marine theme restaurant be operated?

The marine-themed restaurant design allows customers to enjoy the process of dining. The delicious dishes are matched with the beautiful surroundings, which makes people feel like they are in the ocean. However, if the marine-themed restaurant is not well designed, Will these feelings be greatly reduced, then how to design a marine theme restaurant?
Since it is a marine theme restaurant design, the blue color is definitely not avoided, and the blue color can be divided into dark blue or light blue, and the corresponding one is the visual touch of the beach, another It is a deep sea deep feeling, two colors can be blended at the same time, and only one of them can be selected, and then different theme accessories and pendants can be arranged according to the selection. For example, if you choose a beach-style plan, then the floor-to-ceiling windows are a good choice, and then with the feeling of the waves, then you can make the restaurant feel more seaside. If you choose deep sea planning, you can redistribute the lighting, let the dark blue lights enchant the whole restaurant and fill the mystery, let the customer feel a wonderful journey under the sea diving, in addition to the internal planning of the restaurant, add phase The corresponding accessories can also give the restaurant a finishing touch. The murals on the walls and the shades of various fishes can add the customer's good feelings. If the restaurant also operates a variety of seafood dishes, it can also be installed in the restaurant. The fish tank, and then the overall style of the restaurant, allows the customer to feel the ocean in the environment and see the real fish swimming. If the fish tank is equipped with the corresponding lighting, then the feeling of empathy will be more Customers bring a very strong visual impact, which allows customers to add a good impression of the restaurant.
The above is some design methods for the design of marine-themed restaurants. The design of marine-themed restaurants is more important than the general restaurant planning, otherwise it will not allow customers to feel the two layers of food and visual impact.