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The importance of the choice of shaped fish tanks

The choice of shaped fish tanks is directly related to the cultivation of shaped fish in the future. The smaller size of the shaped fish tank should also be about 1 meter. Although the shaped fish tank is small, the breeding of the shaped fish requires a large body of water, otherwise the shaped fish will have some pressure. Feeling, then leading to illness or death.
The variety of alien shaped fish is complex, and the individual size of each species is different. The body length of a crowned leopard can reach about 40 cm. When breeding, most people don’t just raise one. If they raise more, The shaped fish tank can reach 2 meters. The shape of the panda shaped fish is relatively small, and there is no competition for the breeding of the same species. A 60 cm cylinder can raise 2 pairs. The tank type of the special-shaped fish can be about 60 cm in adult shape, like a yellow diamond tank, so the breeding tank is between 1-2 meters.
The determination of the aquarium fish tank is mainly related to the species that it breeds. The size of the small-sized fish tank can be between 60-80, and the large-sized fish tank is selected between 1-2 meters. After the selection of the shaped fish tank, the placement of the fish tank is also very important. Zui is to imitate the environment of the original fish. Generally speaking, we will place the sinking wood, the stone, and the sand in the tank (depending on the habit of the fish), and we can also place the necessary water plants or dead leaves to imitate the original ecological environment, because the shaped fish do not like the light, The time of breeding can minimize the moment of illumination.
The environmental placement of the shaped fish tank is the key to the growth of the fish. When selecting the shaped fish, you should understand its habits and the needs of the environment so that it does not hang when you buy it home.