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What do you need to know to fish in an acrylic fish tank?

Fish culture in the acrylic fish tank can not only edify the taste, but also decorate the environment of the house, so it is very popular with people for raising fish, but it also has skills to raise fish. If you want to raise fish, you should understand the common sense below. Acrylic fish tank processing

Acrylic is a pure plexiglass material (a popular name, abbreviated as PMMA, with very good transparency, consolidation, good patience, and very light compared to glass materials, and because of the chemical bonding, acrylic fish tanks can Very sticky and beautiful, completely seamless, with a crystal clear feeling, very suitable for the carrier of fish feeding water, but nothing is perfect, because its hardness is only equivalent to lightweight aluminum alloy, it is easier Scratches occur, and the scales of the arowana are very hard and can give a lot of small scratches to the aquarium. The aquarium manufacturer's tempered glass is a high-strength safety obtained by heating the glass to a softening point and then rapidly cooling it. Glass. At the same thickness, the flexural strength of tempered glass is 4-5 times higher than that of ordinary glass, and the impact strength is 5 times higher than that of ordinary glass. The tempered glass has a high thermal stability level and can withstand severe temperature changes without damage. ability.

Acrylic fish tanks have been processed for several years, and they have been combined into a scorpion, affecting appreciation. Compared with the arowana, the walrus is wearing a strong armor (the giant squid, sometimes mixed with the arowana, in the Amazon basin, where the scales are localized. Used as a nail file, a crocodile rocket that can make arrows (the gar, often mixed with arowana), because it is large and its movements are rather clumsy, often with the aquarium skin, and it can also be used within a few months. Appreciate the surface of the fog, if you are mixed with the adult green-green crown leopard and other long-shaped beech wood mouth, the fog may be twice as fast. Appreciate the fish tank before hand-bonding the glass, first Sand the edges of the glass with sandpaper and wipe thoroughly with a dry cloth.

There are two ways to bond the glass sheets: 1. When bonding 0.5 cm glass, first arrange the positions of several pieces of glass, then squeeze the glass glue between the seams one by one, and light the glue with fingers or wooden strips. Slightly scrape to make the gel deep into the crack; Second, when bonding 0.8 cm or thicker glass, first squeeze the glass strip on one of the two pieces of glass that needs to be bonded, and then take another one. Put the glass on and use the proper force to make the glass tightly bond. If one is operating, it is possible to first apply a strip of glue to the glass that needs to be bonded, and then join the pieces of glass. If the worry box is deformed and spread when the glue is not dry, it can be temporarily secured with a tape strip. The main feature of the aquarium manufacturing is safety. This glass is broken into honeycomb-like particles to avoid harm to the human body. Note: After the tempered glass, it can no longer be cut, drilled, slotted and so on. Because the glass is broken into honeycomb-like particles, it is completely unrecoverable, so it is not recommended to use it on the aquarium! Acrylic fish tank processing

This is some common sense about fish farming in acrylic fish tanks. In short, its performance is excellent. It is very simple for everyone to understand about fish farming.