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Why can't I use a cylindrical fish tank to raise goldfish?

In some restaurants, hotels, and even ordinary households, goldfish can be seen everywhere. The shape of the bathtub is mostly square and rectangular, but the cylinder is rarely seen. Many people are wondering why they can't raise goldfish with a cylindrical fish tank? Let's talk about what the reason is today and see if you noticed it!
Circular, irregularly shaped fish tanks cannot be placed with filters, heating rods, etc., causing the water inside the aquarium to not form a circulation and biochemical effect, becoming dead water. At the same time, due to the appearance of the circular or irregular shape, the distortion during appreciation is caused, and the long-term breeding causes the fish's vision to decrease. Therefore, the name is fish farming, which is actually abusing fish.
According to scientific inquiries, the light that occurs in the arc of the circular aquarium is harmful to the eyes of goldfish, and serious blindness can also be caused. In some parts of Europe, round fish tanks have now been discontinued. Frequent fish farming will find that fish like to "stick to the side", but also often foraging in the corners of the fish tank, it is love to swim in the four corners. Buying a square fish tank will make the fish live healthier and better.
Secondly, the cylinder of the cylinder has a large depth, and the difficulty of cleaning at the bottom is increased. It is easy to cause sludge and dirt, which is not conducive to the maintenance of the water quality of the water tank, and is not conducive to the need for clear viewing. The maintenance cost is higher, very Not conducive to our daily routine.
The circular aquarium will reduce the visual acuity of the goldfish, and the fish will look at the outside world in a circular aquarium, just like the human eye mirror, all of them are deformed. Looking through the curved glass for a long time, the goldfish that is already myopic, the lens in the eye will become more and more round, and the focal length will be more and more enlarged, and the interval of seeing will become shorter and shorter, causing the vision to drop.
As the saying goes: raise fish and raise your heart. If you want to raise goldfish at home, you must be careful, patient, and attentive. In the case of fish farming, the water for fish farming must not use tap water. Since the tap water is treated with chlorine in the water plant, the water contains chlorine gas, which is harmful to the fish and may affect the life of the fish. When we use tap water to raise fish, we must first remove the chlorine inside.