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Advantages and disadvantages of large acrylic panels in cabinet doors and shopping tips

People pay more and more attention to the choice of cabinets. Cabinet design can play a role in the kitchen, and the type and brand of cabinets are important reference standards for people to buy. Next, the advantages and disadvantages of the large acrylic sheet cabinet door panel and large acrylic panel cabinet door shopping skills are introduced.

Advantages and disadvantages of large acrylic panel cabinet doors

First, the advantages

1, better transparency

The transparency is very good, and the light transmission rate can reach 92 or more.

2, excellent weather resistance

Adaptability to the natural environment is strong, even in the sun, the wind and rain will not change, and the weather resistance will be strong.

3, good processing performance

Good processing properties for processing.

4, excellent comprehensive performance

The large acrylic panel door panel has a good overall performance and offers designers a wide range of options for dyeing, surface painting, silk screen or vacuum coating.

5, non-toxic

The acrylic door is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and does not produce harmful gases such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide.

Second, shortcomings

Acrylic cabinet door panel hardness is poor, composite acrylic acid can only reach 90 degrees high temperature, pure acrylic acid is resistant to high temperature 120 degrees, and can not contact hot objects for a long time.

Cabinet large acrylic panel door purchase tips

1. You can see if the large acrylic panel door in the cabinet is environmentally friendly. When purchasing, pay attention to the environmental protection level of the door panel.

2. You can see whether the acrylic door hardware in the cabinet is durable.

You can see if the table in the cabinet is resistant to erosion.

4, you can see whether the large acrylic door of the cabinet is clean, and the UV board and molded board are good.

5. It can be seen that the after-sales service of the large acrylic panel door of the cabinet is in place. Zui chooses a brand and has a complete set of after-sales service standards.