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What are the advantages of a large acrylic pool?

The official name of the Acrylic Baby Pool is a fiberglass reinforced plastic swimming pool (acrylic is the homonym of English ACRYLIC). The surface material is methyl propyl methyl ester, and the reverse side is coated with glass fiber and coated with a special resin. The entire pool should have a uniform color, smooth surface, no delamination, bubbles, etc. The thickness of the surface layer is generally more than 3 mm, and it is firmly bonded to the glass fiber without peeling.

Quartz sand of a certain scale is generally placed in the sand tank. The size and size of quartz sand are different within a certain range. In the sand tank, the quartz sand is arranged from top to bottom and from small to large. When filtering normally, the water is from the sand. The upper layer enters and comes out of the lower layer. When water flows from the upper layer through the filter layer, the tiny hollow eyes formed by the solid suspended matter in the water entering the upper filter material are retained by the surface layer of the filter material by adsorption and mechanical retention, and at the same time, between these trapped suspended solids The overlap and bridging effect occurs as if a film is formed on the surface of the filter layer and the suspended matter in the water is continuously filtered. This is the membrane filtration of the surface layer of the filter material. This filtering action is not only present on the surface of the filter layer, but also when the water enters the intermediate filter layer. This effect is called osmotic filtration to distinguish it from the filtration of the surface layer.
In addition, since the sand particles are closely arranged with each other, the suspended particles in the water flow through the curved channels in the sand layer, and there are more opportunities and time to collide and contact the surface of the filter material, so that acrylic The suspended solids in the pool engineering water are bonded to the floc in the surface of the sand layer to cause contact coagulation.
In summary, the filtration of the sand tank is to further purify the water through membrane filtration, permeation filtration and contact filtration.

The large acrylic swimming pool has slow heat transfer, so the insulation is good, and there is no “ice cold” feeling on the contact surface. Compared with cast iron or steel plate swimming pool, it has a more "warm, soft" feeling and will not touch the body. Because of the good reworkability of acrylic, the luxury massage pool is not the only one.

The bottom of the acrylic swimming pool should be covered with yellow sand cement paste at the bottom, and it should not be vacated or only rely on a few support points to avoid breakage. During use, it should prevent sharp objects from rubbing and rubbing. When cleaning, apply soft cloth and detergent to avoid smearing. Once the hair is found, wipe it with a soft cloth and toothpaste to restore shine.