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How to choose the right acrylic fish tank?

Fish in their own contact will inevitably become sick. For some common diseases, many times they can be treated with drugs or other methods. In general, they can use drugs, change water, heat up, and improve the breeding environment. However, different methods of adopting different diseases are different and must be targeted.
People are old and sick, and fish is no exception. A person who knows a little about the fish will know that when the fish in contact with the body has a situation of appetite reduction, abnormal posture or a fade in body color, it is generally judged that the fish is sick. In general, fish diseases are divided into two conditions. One is that the symptoms are manifested on the surface of the skin (such as fins and crotch), which is easier to find. The other is that the pathogens live in the body of the fish, which is relatively severe and not easy to find. If you want to see a doctor, you need to know the type of the disease, so that you can get the right medicine.
The common diseases, diagnosis and treatment of fish in general contact are as follows:
1, white spot disease. Symptoms: The initial manifestation is a state of restlessness, a phenomenon of shrinking fins, and a significant decrease in appetite. When severe, the whole body will be covered with white spots. The cause is mainly caused by the change of rainfall, water exchange and water temperature, resulting in single-cell white spot ciliate. The treatment method is: white spot disease treatment agent + salt;
2, rotten meat, rotten cockroaches. Symptoms: fins, scorpions, tails like torn, scratches, white mold adhesion at the end of the fins. Cause: Not suitable for water quality, caused by rotten fins. Treatment: Almighty water + mold treatment + salt;
3. External parasites. Symptoms: difficulty breathing, slow swimming, and reduced food intake. Cause: Fish mites, nematodes, worms, mites. Treatment: ectoparasite + salt, improve the breeding environment;
4, trauma, bruises. Symptoms: The fish's epidermis, sputum has obvious redness, shortness of breath, and trauma. Cause: Fish transfer, bumping, and fighting. Treatment: Almighty water + salt + bacterial medication;
5, head hole disease. Symptoms: Colorful black, head piercing, ulcers. Cause: caused by six flagellates. Treatment: primary insecticide + salt;
6, endoparasites. Symptoms: Fish is inactive, anemia, body color becomes black, and there is no appetite. Cause: caused by protozoa and hexapods. Treatment: primary insecticide + salt. It should be noted that the above diseases need to change water by 1/3 when they are treated, and take out activated carbon and raise the temperature slightly.
In addition, once the fish has a disease, the main thing is to take it out of the fish tank and block the treatment, while disinfecting the original fish tank. When cultivating fish with Alec fish tanks, be sure to pay attention to the cleaning of the water, always pay attention to the dynamics of the fish, and take care of them as much as possible.