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Can the newly purchased acrylic fish tank be used directly?

Acrylic fish tank is one of the main products of Shanghai Haiyao. This product belongs to a high-grade aquarium product. Compared with ordinary glass fish tanks, acrylic fish tanks are more beautiful and safe. This fish tank is mainly made of acrylic raw materials. Good weather resistance, especially for outdoor use. However, Shanghai Park Ying reminds you that the newly bought fish tanks are not only taste, but may also have some toxic substances. If you put the fish directly in, it is very simple to cause the death of the fish. As for how to disinfect, let's take a look at the following.

1. The scope of clear disinfection. In addition to disinfecting the whole fish tank, the filter equipment and the hanging film placed in it should be disinfected. If there is a gap in the disinfection operation, it will leave a gap to the levee and there is a risk of collapse at any time.

2. Choose a disinfection product. Generally, there are two kinds of disinfectants useful for disinfecting fish, namely, chlorine water and potassium permanganate. Both disinfectants are useful for releasing active oxygen and then destroying microorganisms and bacteria in the water. However, they also have their own disinfection characteristics, and everyone can choose according to their own needs. Like chlorine water is colorless, it will not cause the change of water color in the cylinder, and its oxidation is very strong, and the efficiency and quality of disinfection are relatively high.

But because it is colorless, people can't tell if it is completely dissolved, and we know that this kind of substance will also affect the fish. If the decomposition is not complete, the fish will be put in, which will definitely have a negative effect. The disinfection ability of potassium permanganate is weaker than that of chlorine water. The disinfection time will also make the fish tank turn red, but as long as the reaction is complete, the product will precipitate at the bottom of the tank, and these residues are not related to water quality and fish. What effect will it have?

3. Other precautions. In addition to disinfecting the aquarium, the water plants and other decorations placed in the tank must be disinfected before they are put into the tank. In addition, before the fish enters the tank, it is good to check whether there is any disease, and avoid the phenomenon of dead fish just entering.

In short, if you don't want to be killed in a fish farming business, you must be disinfected by the newly purchased acrylic fish tank. Moreover, it is not enough to do this step well. To raise a good fish, it is necessary to spend more time in changing water, feeding, landscaping and so on.