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How to decorate the acrylic fish tank is better

Generally, the decoration of acrylic fish tanks is mostly based on rockery, artificial grass and fake scenery, so no matter how beautiful it is, it always lacks vitality. Only by selecting suitable aquatic plants can the aquarium be beautifully placed.
Scenery aquatic plants are able to pick species that are as high as the surface of the water, and half-height aquatic plants can be picked in the middle and on both sides. The foreground should be short aquatic plants that have a three-dimensional feel. Note that aquatic plants and moss should not be excessive, otherwise they will compete with goldfish and snails for oxygen.
Although aquatic plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, sometimes they consume more oxygen than they release. Therefore, excessive water and grass in the aquarium should be removed regularly.
2. Put some water-absorbing rockeries and crystal-clear cobblestones in the acrylic fish tank. The water in the fish tank will be clear and beautiful. There are many strange stones in the aquarium. They have no special requirements. They can be selected based on personal preference and aesthetic perspective.
Such as stalagmites, stalactites, Taihu stone, coral stone and colored pebbles, reed pipe, magma and so on. The shape is unique, the rock is beautiful and ideal, plus a few beautiful aquatic plants flourish. In this way, a natural underwater bio-map will appear in front of you, adding a lot of fun to your life.
3. When many people raise goldfish, they change water every four or five days. However, there are ways to keep the water for a month or two, making the aquarium look better. If a few snails are raised in the aquarium, the excrement of the goldfish will be eaten by the snails, thus purifying the fish tank.
At this time, if some aquatic plants or moss are raised in the goldfish tank, the pollutants discharged by the snail will be absorbed by them.
4. When decorating the acrylic fish tank of goldfish, not only the physiological conditions of the goldfish, but also the ecological balance of the fish tank should be considered. Only by selecting suitable aquatic plants can the landscape of the aquarium be more solid and natural.
When placing aquatic plants, it is advocated that the aquarium should be re-cultivated from high to low in order to invent a sense of hierarchy in the aquarium. Aquatic plants and bryophytes should not be cultivated too much, otherwise they will affect the oxygen content of the water.