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  • Generally, the decoration of acrylic fish tanks is mostly based on rockery, artificial grass and fake scenery, so no matter how beautiful it is, it always lacks vitality. Only by

  • Of course, according to the cold water and tropical nature of fish, a more detailed classification can be made, but in general, the above classification can now outline the main culture charact

  • Fish in their own contact will inevitably become sick. For some common diseases, many times they can be treated with drugs or other methods. In general, they can use drugs, change water, heat u

  • Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), commonly known as plexiglass, is a recyclable thermoplastic engineering plastic with low density (1.15-1.19g/cm3), high mechanical strength, low melting point (1

  • Acrylic fish tank is one of the main products of Shanghai Haiyao. This product belongs to a high-grade aquarium product. Compared with ordinary glass fish tanks, acrylic fish tanks are more bea

  • The acrylic sheet has crystal clearness and the light transmittance exceeds 92%. The acrylic plate colored with the dye has an excellent color development effect. In

  • People pay more and more attention to the choice of cabinets. Cabinet design can play a role in the kitchen, and the type and brand of cabinets are important reference standards for people to b

  • Quartz sand of a certain scale is generally placed in the sand tank. The size and size of quartz sand are different within a certain range. In the sand tank, the quartz sand is arranged from to

  • Pay attention to the surface of the aquarium with scratches, scratches, no nodular vortex, surface shrinkage marks (especially at the corners), cracks, mottled spots, mildew spots, alkali trace

  • Can acrylic be a fish tank? Yes, you can also make large aquarium facilities, such as the large aquarium in Sea World. Acrylic fish tanks have not been widely used,

  • Many friends have questions about custom-made acrylic fish tanks. What is the acrylic material? What is the difference between the custom-made acrylic fish tank and the glass material used in t

  • Those who have raised fish know that the essential material in the aquarium landscaping is the material of the stone. For example, volcanic rocks, Melaleuca, etc. Th

  • Tempered glass is a high-strength safety glass obtained by heating the glass to a softening point and then rapidly cooling it. At the same thickness, the flexural strength of temp

  • How is the fish tank landscaped? What are the precautions for aquarium landscaping? Below, let's learn more about the skill of aquarium landscaping with Xiaobian.

  • Before making a fish tank filter, you should first understand the filtration system. Common filtration systems include upper filter, side filter, bottom filter, etc. Commonly used

  • If your fish tank has the best automatic drainage system, directly put the water inside. If it is not automatic drainage, your mother needs to find a water pipe and knock the water into another

  • Only when a group of colorful fish swims, the bottom of the mountain valley, and play, will gather the subtle mysteries of the world. Keep in mind that the stones and other access

  • With the improvement of people's living standards, small fish tanks are no longer satisfied with the fish lovers of all walks of life. After the selection of large fish tanks, the

  • Large aquariums have also become large aquariums. The orientation of the aquarium should conform to the feng shui approach. Don't ignore the orientation of the aquarium in the roo

  • The landscape design of the large aquarium simulates a more natural fish living environment and greatly enhances the ornamental nature of large fish tanks. Especially the fish shu

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